Professional Counselling

Włodzimierz Wachowiak, our specialist at the company, will share his proffesional knowledge of timber and products made of timber, he will help you choose the best type of windows and an optimal way of mounting them. Choice of windows is a decision that will have its consequences for many years. Investors often face dilemmas when they have to choose: plastic or wooden windows, may be aluminum or wooden-aluminium windows? Our specialist will help you with this dilemma, offering guidance in choosing the right manufacturer as well as the proper type of window.

In our furniture manufacturing we emphasize on creating unique interior design projects for the demanding designers.. We create individual and singular projects for the most demanding tastes.

Leading theme in furniture services in the years 2014/2015 is to reuse wooden containers such as wooden pallets, electric cord reels and fruit crates.

We also renovate old furniture and distress new ones to make them look vintage.